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Swingpro is a combination software/wireless swing chronograph that can measure swing speed (MPH) and reaction time (hundreds of seconds). Increasing a players swing speed allows for more time to wait-on-a-pitch before you swing. This enables batters to observing the pitch, allowing them to choose better pitches, to recognize the pitch flight pattern, and to establish pitch speed and timing. The result of these elements, therefore, is that the batter improves his/her overall batting performance by getting more hits, making better contact, and selecting the best pitch for the individual's strength. When you make better contact with an increased bat speed, you also hit the ball farther. It been determined by testing that for every 2 mph increase of your swing speed the ball will travel 40 feet further. Software includes a Swing Stck that attaches to any bat. Each swing stick contains the electronic for measurements. If your serious about your game don't be without SwingPro because your competition won't. HIGHLIGHTS: Measure the bat speed in MPH. Connects via 10ft. cable to parallel port. Measure the bat reaction time in hundreds of seconds. Full user database for each users information and measurements. Export measurements. Swing Speed current measurement graph. Swing Speed average speed graph. Swing Speed distance graph based on speed, bat size and bat swing angle. Swing Reaction current measurement graph.. Swing Reaction average time graph. Swing Reaction to pitch speed graph. Trend graphs for swing speed and reaction. Trend graph plots the idea swing speed and reaction time for age group. Various Bat size can be ordered.

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